Why do you blog?

Though your reasons may be different, mine are to be read and because I think I’ve got something interesting to say. But here also lies the problem, what may seem interesting to me isn’t necessarily interesting to you. Some blogs attract readers like corpses attract flies. Continue reading

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Censorship on WordPress

My other blog has been marked as ‘Mature content’ and I admit there is some mature content present, not in all posts, it is even a minority, but some stories are definitely not for children but so are most clips on MTV. I noticed ,by chance, that my posts weren’t visible when clicking a tag. When I contacted support, I was told, after a few mails that: “The global tags lists only include blogs suitable for children. Those with mature content are excluded”. That was the first time someone mentioned my blog was marked thus. I had seen that the number of visitors plummeted, but that was all.

I am the last person to be against protection for children, but this is censorship, hypocrisy, undemocratic and smells of fascist methods.

I think the censorship doesn’t need explanation, but isn’t there freedom of the press? And doesn’t WordPress has press in its name? Although they claim to offer WordPress in French, their French isn’t good enough to understand Voltaire, writer and philosopher from the age of ENLIGHTEMENT, who said that no matter how revolting he found someone’s ideas, he would do his utmost to see that that person could speak out and publish his ideas.

Hypocrisy because WordPress claims it does not object against mature content in blogs. But that if a complaint is made your blog will be marked. in other words, the plug is pulled out. If you do not have a great number of subscribers or if not many blogs link to your blog, you can as well stop writing, because not only your mature posts aren’t shown , nothing is shown in the global tags. Hypocrisy again because, if  WordPress is really concerned about children, they would not show tags like erotic, ass, sex, erotica, porn, etc., global tags that still contain mature content from other blogs, but up to now, no one has complained about them. And even more hypocrite is the fact that although they claim to be very concerned they admit the content in the first place, then I do by far prefer  the Facebook puritans, who don’t even allow the picture of a bottom fully dressed in a bikini, not showing anything offensive.

Undemocratic because only one, yes one, person out of the 376.364 bloggers has to complain and an administrator, who is not known and who cannot be held accountable by you or me for what he does, can mark your blog as unsuitable. It may be, there are criteria for it, but no one knows what they are, nor does anyone know if these criteria are used in an objective and honest way. The owner of the blog is not contacted or informed in any way, making the whole of the situation very Kafkaesque. In ‘The Trial’ Josef K doesn’t know what his crime was, gets a trail that goes on for ever and is eventually executed, still not knowing what he has done wrong. At Wordperss it is even worse, you are not informed, there is no trial, you are just executed and even of that fact you are unaware for a long time.

And what must we think of the method used to know if a blog contains mature content. Under ‘Blog Info’ there is a menu item ‘Mark as mature’, click it, fill in why, and most of the time you will find a reason, and that’s it. It makes me think of the methods used in Nazi Germany and the former communist states, where people where encouraged to spy on their neighbours and to report to the authorities any suspect activity; we can all remember the massive storage rooms filled with Stasi files in Eastern Germany.

As I already said protection for children is a fine thing, who can be against it?, but the way WordPress does it is nothing more than a legal issue; if ever under attack they can say that they do have a policy. If they really want to protect the children they ban all mature content. Make those happiness engineers a little less happy, make them work and make them write routines to scan for words and pictures that could be offensive to children, issue one warning for the user and if he doesn’t change his habits, ban him and delete his blog. Even an amateur programmer can do it, so if you really mean what you are saying what are you waiting for?

But there is one more thing. If you are willing to pay WordPress for a domain name, something most of us free time bloggers can’t or won’t do, if your blog is not in the WordPress domain, the ‘Blog Info’ menu suddenly disappears. So it is possible for the whole sex industry to promote their goods in a WordPress blog, one of them, and this definitely was a blog referring to a porn site, was even a featured blog! I reported it while complaining about my own blog and apparently it has been suspended. But only the fact that the procedure is more complicated shows clearly what kind of language WordPress really speaks. For those still doubting, it begins with M.

The global tag lists only include blogs that are suitable for children.  Those with mature content are excluded.
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Fucking wordpress sucks


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Fucking wordpress sucks

I will post this every day


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